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Psychedelic Integration

Anonymous  May 2021

Iven helped me prepare for Ayahuasca ceremonies in South America. I was going through a difficult life transition and felt the call to do this 3 week long retreat. Afterwards, I received help from him to integrate the difficult experience I had. He also inspired me to reconnect with nature and find more balance in life through activity.

I was still not completely free from some of my bad habits and felt at times emotionally unstable so I was intrigued to try microdosing. I reconnected with him because I knew about his expertise in this field.

His music created a healing space for me where I was able to process some of the experiences I had in Peru. His approach using the arts and ritual worked very well for me, in contrast to many conventional therapists.  I recommend Iven to anyone who is looking for a gentle and intuitive counsellor to guide you through challenging times using the arts or other fun recreational activities. 

Anonymous  Dec 2019

I was looking for a Psychedelic Integration Therapist because I had a “BAD TRIP” in the city. I thought about my mother - how annoyed I was with her. And there was this violent urge to claw out a small group of families laughing together and enjoying their time on the train. It disgusted me and made me feel aggressive towards them. I didn't understand why I was feeling so strongly about it but it was very upsetting.  As I got home, I questioned my sanity and thought maybe I was an evil person or a sociopath and that I don't deserve to have children so I broke down and cried thinking that my thoughts were real.

 I explained what happened to Iven via Skype and he was able to help make sense out of it after an integration session. I learned through the integration about my old wounds from my childhood which got triggered through the children. He changed my breakdown into a breakthrough, and that really calmed me down. 

I recommend his integration service to anyone experiencing a challenging psychedelic journey.  

Anonymous  July 2019

Iven has offered me excellent guidance over the last few years, most recently through 1-hour counselling sessions over Skype. After some experiences I had with Ayahuasca, Iven helped me to take what I had learned about myself and to integrate them into self-healing. After my father had passed I also had an emotionally difficult separation and divorce. I felt safe with him and could easily connect.  

Through formal counselling sessions, Iven has given me simple but effective tools to help me move myself forward using grounding techniques, journaling, drawing, and useful daily habits and reminders. I have been learning to focus on being authentic which, through Iven, I realize I have struggled with since childhood. Iven has also helped me to notice when my opinions and self-talk are damaging to myself, particularly to my confidence. Overall, Iven's counselling has been very helpful for me and I'm quite grateful.

Counselling/ MUSIC

Stephan Melcher - Lehrer 

Ich kenne Iven schon lange und arbeite selbst als Coach, Trainer und Lehrer in Deutschland. In diesem Beruf ist es unerläßlich an sich selbst zu arbeiten und ich bin unendlich dankbar, dass das Universum uns wieder zusammengeführt hat. Nach einer Session mit Iven bin ich zutiefst beeindruckt wie genau er meine „Schmerzpunkte" erkannt, und wie einfühlsam und doch direkt er mich darauf gebracht hat an was ich arbeiten kann. Die persönliche Entwicklung findet auf vielen verschiedenen Linien statt. Wenn nur eine Linie blockiert ist tut man sich schwer in der Entwicklung und stößt immer wieder im Außen auf innere Wiederstände.

Besser und schneller hätte es vermutlich auch der höchst betitelte Psychoanalyst nicht hinbekommen mir bei der Entfaltung den richtigen Impuls zu geben. Ich freu mich auf ein Wiedersehen!! Mit solchen Menschen wie Iven kann die Welt nur zu einem besseren Ort werden…!


"Megaphone hired Iven, the Mushroom Man, to provide entertainment for our annual holiday party and he was a smash hit! Iven showed up on time and was very professional. He was able to provide a great mix of uplifting electronic and hip hop beats using calming nature sounds and his homemade mushroom costume perfectly complimented his set.  Megaphone would definitely hire Iven again in the future!" 

Travis Poor, Vendor Coordinator

Oct. 2019

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to confirm that Iven Simonetti has been delivering weekly sound bath services at Onsite Detox and Withdrawal Management and Onsite Transitional Housing and Early recovery since November of 2017. His service consists of providing ambient soundscapes and songs to guide hour long periods of mindfulness for our participants, who are often marginalized individuals with significant histories of homelessness. Iven's groups are generally well attended and many people report that it helps them through the early phase of their recovery. Iven has consistently demonstrated enthusiasm toward working with people in recovery, and employs nontraditional means to do so. To date, Iven is a valued component of our programming. 

Simon Goodspeed Program Manager, Onsite Detox and Withdrawal Management PHS Community Services Society Vancouver, BC 

Charly, nanny 

Danke an das Universum das ich Iven in Vancouver treffen durfte. Wo er mich mit seiner Straßen Musik verzaubert hat. Iven zu zuhören wie er mit der Music spielt lässt meinen Geist fliegen, daher wahr es für mich eine wunder schöne Erfahrung bei zwei seinen Sound Healing Events Teil zu nehmen. Außerdem bin ich sehr dankbar dafür das Iven mich mehr in Verbindung mit Dankbarkeit im täglichen Leben gebracht hat. Jeden Tag Dankbar zu sein für die Mahlzeit die ich habe die Natur die mich umgibt jeden baum den ich sehe... Iven ist ein sehr besonderer Mensch für mich. Durch seine Kunst Therapie konnte ich mir selbst näher kommen um meine Verletzungen zu erkennen und zu heilen. Danke Iven! 

I felt held and safe in his Expressive Art Therapy session  sharing and expressing my darkest memories for the first time. 

Iven challenges me with my beliefs  about my self and never judges me in a way that puts me in shame. With his help, I’ve hit many breakthroughs in my emotional health. He is authentic and really hears me out, he is gentle but at the same time demonstrates his actions affirmatively and positively – he has no actual agenda but to assist in helping me to call attention to the pain in my body that need healing.

I am one to isolate and hideaway at times, but Iven gently reminds me that I am worthy of my own love and of others'. His Gratitude Sound Bath events reminded me of that, I felt save and held by the music being played and I was reminded how great it can be to share and be with others.

Janis Juju - Visual artist 

What a privilege it was to enjoy his unique talents in a group setting. It was my first time having this kind of experience and it did not disappoint. I left there feeling utterly delighted and deeply moved. I felt myself to be in the presence of a remarkable, kind and gentle soul, whose music washed over and through me, like a shamanic journey. It truly has to be experienced to be appreciated. I cannot recommend him enough. 

Cindy H, Seems dress  

I have had the pleasure of having two professional musicians come to our palliative care unit over the last several months to play for our patients. They were intuitive to the patients’ needs and very flexible and accommodating to our environment. They were comfortable engaging with the patients and families and provided music that comforted, inspired and was pleasurable to listen to. I am looking forward to having them come to our unit as often as possible.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Iven's musical talent in several settings including at Onsite (a withdrawal management program for residents of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in early recovery), in guided meditations, and in live performances at various social events. Iven is truly gifted and music is his first language. His music can alter your state of consciousness and help you process deep emotional blockages, leaving you feeling calm, grounded, and refreshed thereafter. He is able to effortlessly adapt his music to the needs of the audience for which he plays, which makes him an appropriate musician for any setting. 

If you are looking for someone to help people go deeper into themselves whether for healing, grounding, or experiencing joy, he is the right person for the job. His gentle and soothing sounds would be especially healing for people experiencing pain, depression, anxiety, and at the end of life. Thank you Iven for all that you do - it is an honor to know you. 

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Iven’s unique musical journeys for many years. Each time, I am transported to another layer of being. His nurturing nature creates a safe container where everybody feels welcome. His sounds are at once transcendent and of this earth. As a yoga teacher, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Iven - blending his healing sounds with my restorative yoga offerings. Iven has the sensitivity to read the energy of the room, and the courage to meet people where they’re at. He was able to work seamlessly with me and all the participants to co-create a memorable experience for us all. His is a gift that keeps on giving….resonance. 

Iven leads with his heart and finds ways to facilitate you empowering yourself and your inner child again.  He shared his home, family and resources to allow me opportunity to feel safe and heal in my own ways.  Learning valuable knowledge on plant medicines and ceremonial rituals in day to day things, like sitting down to have a meal.  His vast array of knowledge, sensitivity and big heart allow for healing and growth to occur naturally.  One of the greatest gifts he brought to light for my life was the focus on mindfulness.  Thank you for your energy, time and sharing of wisdom Iven.  It is a pleasure to know you and be blessed with shared experiences.

Artist, Teacher, Painter and journalist. The Heart Followers channel 

Mr. Simonetti has been volunteering for the Paul Sugar Palliative Support Foundation on a regular weekly basis. He has been providing music during the healing touch sessions at the Palliative Support Center in North Vancouver. He is able to use a wide variety of instruments; Dulcimer, Kalimba, Hang, Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, Hang, Shrudi box, Bells and well as vocals to create a soothing environment conductive to deep relaxation and emotional healing. He is comfortable working in different settings; dealing with large groups or individuals at the hospital or hospice. 

Iven has played for us at the funeral services for my brother, the music he played was incredibly beautiful, appropriate and respectful. 

His music provided a peaceful backdrop and was definitely something that will always be memorable for us. 

Tanya Ramsey

Thank you Iven for sharing your heart and sound healing gifts with us - amazing as always. Helen Loshney  

Co-Founder & Director of Counselling Services at

Iven's music has a rare quality which captivates and opens the heart, transforming the most challenging of human experience.   

Adi Kanda, Intuitive author and songwriter www. 

Iven has worked in the palliative care field for many years and has a unique gift for creating soothing sounds that help his clients to relax and de - stress. His Gratitude-Sound-Bath have been very well received in the healing circles as well as in the performance arenas.

He assisted me in working with private bedside clients as well as with larger presentations, eg. Mosaic, an organization which prepares interesting programms for those who are aging. He is also a member of the organization "Music Can Heal" which is dedicated to bringing music to the bedside from hospice to hospitals.

 Iven's dedication to working compassionately with sound would be an asset to any individual, group, hospice he is called to.