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"His nurturing nature creates a safe container where everybody feels welcome and held."

"Iven's music has a rare quality which captivates and opens the heart, transforming the most challenging of human experience."

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Expressive Art & Counselling Can Help

  • Those who are struggling with any aspect of their life
  • Bereaved and grieving looking for support
  • Assist with self development & personal growth
  • to create healthy relationships & effective communication
  • To increase self confidence, self esteem & self awareness
  • Bring relief to those having to live with depression and anxiety
  • To express what words often can't
  • Find new ideas in how to express and release your emotions
  • Release stress and anxiety
  • People who have lost a loved one
  • With questions of meaning and identity
  • To find and reignite your passion

My Services

Therapy & Counselling

  • Expressive Arts Therapy & Counselling
  • Group music therapy for recreational programs
  • Compassionate Inquiry (CI) approach by Dr. Gabor Mate
  • Psychedelic harm reduction, preparation and integration
  • Guided cannabis sessions with live music
  • One on one video counselling

Therapeutic issues include:

  • Grief, loss and bereavement
  • Addictions
  • Vegans experiencing depression
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Family violence
  • Bullying
  • Attachment issues
  • Performance anxiety
  • Overthinking
  • Separation and divorce
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Self-harm and suicide
  • Abuse (physical, sexual, and emotional) and neglect
  • Social skills/ relationship issues
  • Self-esteem/ self-worth
  • Identity (gender, sexual, cultural, life stage)
  • Eating disorders
  • OCD & HDHD

Tutoring & Workshops

Private tutoring and group workshops in art and music for:

  • Retirements homes
  • Hospitals & Hospice settings
  • Schools
  • Summer camps
  • After school programs
  • Detox clinics
  • Yoga retreats
  • Retreat centers
  • Self care for employment programs
Be kind by calling a friend, Medicine Art by iveno

Please schedule your free 30 minutes consultation via phone or Skype. Ask questions and get answers about my services. This is not a therapy session, per se, it's more an informal meeting to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Kind regards, Iven