WELCOME to my Expressive Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Addiction and Grief Counselling  website. My services, MedicineArt portfolio and online platforms at your fingertips.


I combine play, music, art,  outdoor activities and mindfullness in my counselling practice. I am trained
in Grief,  Addiction Counselling, and Buddhist Psychology, my approach is somatic, and mindfulness based. 

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TherARTy & Counselling  

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MedicineArt Projects (update 5th July) 

Frisbees for Mental Health

I felt inspired to create this gofundme campaign because I sold my frisbees in the park and a mom made me aware of the fact that some kids go to school without breakfast. Long story short Frisbees for Edmonds was created. Please donate if you want to help me out by volunteering my time and giving out a gifted frisbee through this campaign. 

Self Care Coloring Pages

This project is related to my work as a counsellor to help other mental health professionals using my skills. If you like to order them pleasce, click here.

One of my newest albums is like an audio book/ music album, guided meditation, psychedelic kinda thaaang. I have trouble putting it in a box but I can tell you it took a long time to master. My friends are featured in this album too, Obed Psych and, Adrian from Mexico.