WELCOME to my Expressive Art Therapy, Mindfulness, Addiction and Grief Counselling  website. My services, MedicineArt portfolio and online platforms at your fingertips.


I combine play, music, art,  outdoor activities and mindfullness in my counselling practice. I am trained
in Grief,  Addiction Counselling, and Buddhist Psychology, my approach is somatic, and mindfulness based. 

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TherARTy & Counselling  

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MedicineArt Projects (update 5th July) 

Please donate if you want to help me out by volunteering my time and giving out a gifted frisbee through this campaign.
Charity Concert for more frisbees in the DTES 

Self Care Coloring Pages

This project is related to my work as a counsellor to help other mental health professionals using my skills. If you like to order them pleasce, click here.

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One of my newest albums is like an audio book/ music album, guided meditation. I have trouble putting it in a box but I can tell you it took a long time to master. My friends are featured in this album too, Obed Psych and, Adrian from Mexico.