Tips for Problem Solving

1. Have a problem in mind?

Don't worry too much about defining the problem; part of the fun of problem-solving can be figuring out new ways to frame and define problems that you’ve been thinking about for a while. Just finding a new way to state the problem can lead to insights!

3. Do your research.

Read the internet about your problem make sure you use different key words, somebody might have been working on the same problem.

4. Stay mindful.

Remember that we exaggerate thoughts in ways that can be both helpful and unhelpful. Staying mindful of your thought patterns, emotions, and reactions while you are working on a solution is very important to allow you to come to the most useful, easily integrated, and healthy insights into your problem. Remember to drink a lot of water, take breaks from your problem if you’re getting really intensely into it, and clear your head a little bit.

5. Integrate your insights.

Talking through your insights with a friend or therapist, helps integrate insights into your consciousness in a balanced and healthy way.