DISCLAIMER: Nothing contained herein is intended to encourage or support illegal behaviors. This material has been prepared for educational purposes only, know the dangers of using psychedelic substances. Those videos are a resource for clients seeking out my psychedelic integration service, I often have the same questions please use this page for pro and cons of experimenting with psychedelics. Without a guide or proper preparation they can be harmful and dangerous, please use these free educational resources. DISCLAIMER

Psychedelic Harm Reduction

Rick Doblin, founder of MAPS talks about the importance for Psychedelic Integration.
Presentation about the danger of using psychedelics and comparing it to counselling

Psychedelic Integration Counselling

We are professionals who identify as being knowledgeable in non-ordinary states of consciousness and who understand the importance of psychedelic integration and preparation.

Psychedelics are medicine and if we take them recreationally we might experience unexpected and unpleasant challenges.

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I listed common question from people about psychedelics

  • Are psychedelics addictive when used?
  • I want to use psychedelics safely and want to ask about dosage?
  • Is it save to combine psychedelics and medications?
  • What is the right plant medicine retreat for me to go to?
  • What is "microdosing" and what does it do?
  • I had a "BAD TRIPS" what is the meaning behind it?
  • I have questions about "Set and Setting"?
  • My child is a recreational cannabis smoker, what should I know?
  • I need someone to talk to about psychedelics their pro and cons?

Your name and information will be confidential, please check out my resources which will answer you a lot of questions.


Documentary about pro & con of microdosing

Can't quite smoking?

NOTE: This video doesn't include the dangers of psychedelics

Dr. Gabor Mate wrote an article in the Psychotherapy Networker website about Psychedelics and it's values and dangers, click here.

James Fadiman talk about his research regarding Microdosing

Roland Griffiths Phd talks about psilocybin, with German subtitle.

Medicine Art

Great video stating that where is potential there is danger.

Emotional Pain