Expressive Art Therapy

Expressive Art Therapy Workshops, Live Music & Art Making

I differ from other Expressive Art Therapy practitioners, because I use live music and guided meditations during the art making session.
During the guided meditation participants may experience emotions coming up which we want to explore and give space to be held and healed.
Work created by a participant

Participants have a chance to experience live music and art making at the same time. The improvised music will guide you gently and reconnect you with what's needed for you to heal.

  • Minimum of 4 people maximum of 6 people $50 per person
  • Duration 180 - 240 minutes depending on participants
  • Guided meditation with live music
  • Art making
  • Connecting the art making and challenges to what came up for you


  • Release of stress and anxiety
  • Helping people to work with grief and loss
  • Reconnecting to your inner healer
  • Created art work
  • Inspiration through art making and music
  • Self expression & self confidence

Workshops are usually 120 to 180 minutes in length. I can offer ongoing support using the arts for self care, therapy and teaching music or visual art lessons.


  • Each person $50 Depending on number of participants
  • Problem solving session $150 up to 5 hours

Workshop for schools, institutions or other events are between $150 to $250 depending on the length, amount of people, and the equipment required to do the music or art workshop.

Gratitude Sound Bath & Sound Cloud Therapy

After a Christmas Gratitude Sound Bath

Gratitude Sound Bath at your retirement home

Gratitude Sound Bath in your school
Sound Cloud Therapy example

The Gratitude Sound Bath is a combination of Expressive Art Therapy and live music without art making. It is all about connecting to yourself, self-care, gratitude, music and its healing properties. The use of candles, incense, giving thanks and sharing in a group setting puts people in their senses and helps them to move forward in their healing process. If you are interested in learning more, please click right here.

Sound Cloud Therapy is like the Gratitude Sound Bath but outside. Participants will be in nature and look up to the sky watching the clouds, birds, or airplanes flying by. Doing this while listening to my music brings participants into a wonderful hypnotic state of "no mind".

If you are into cannabis we can do a Gratitude Cannabis Ceremony where we give thanks to the plant and Mother Earth and listen to healing music.


  • Activation of the movement, planning and memory regions in your brain
  • Release of dopamine which improves mood and reduces anxiety
  • Dopamine induces pleasure joy and motivation
  • Music boosts your immune system
  • Positive emotional experience which results in the secretion of immune boosting hormones
  • Recalling forgotten personal memories
  • Production of cortisol which is required to repair damaged tissues
  • My music also enhances altruism
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Reducing of epilepsy and stress
  • Reducing of chronic pain
  • Improves the duration and intensity of your concentration
  • Can reduce sleeping problems
  • Helping people to work through grief and loss
  • Positive emotional experience which can boost serotonin


  • $20 - $40 (Sliding scale)
  • $150 - $250 For institutions and larger groups