Art & Music Workshops

Music and Sound Exploration

This is an individual or small group workshop where you have the opportunity to explore my different sound tools, string instruments, electronic equipment such as loop and reverb pedal and synthesizer.

This is perfect for people who want get an idea how each instrument is played, how it feels and what the cost of it would be. The session is crafted to your own need and should be discussed before start so we can set some goals for the session.

String instruments are fun to play for all ages. Not sure whether you want to start to play the Ukulele, Dulcimer or the Guitar? Try them all out and learn a little bit about my musical approach which doesn't require any music therapy or previous experience of any kind.

Exotic instruments such as the Shrudi box, Kalimba or Hang can be great for beginners or people who already have an string instrument and would like to try something new to their ears. No previous musical experience or theory required.

Pan instruments such as the Hang, Halo, Hapi or Space drum are my main instruments. The musical approach for each of these is the same. I will teach you how to play with muscle memory and find new patterns which can be beneficial for any pan instrument if you plan on getting one of them.

Try all my instruments!

Here is what is available to you:

  • Guitar
  • 2 Ukuleles
  • Dulcimer
  • Shrudi box
  • Hang
  • 3 Tibetan bowls
  • 2 different Kalimbas
  • Juno Ds Synthesizer
  • Rc505 loop pedal
  • Strymon Big Sky reverb machine


  • Getting a feeling for each instruments
  • Learning how to approach each instrument
  • Understanding of sound waves
  • Boundaries
  • Expression
  • Collaboration
  • Respect


  • $100 - $200 (Sliding scale available)

The Kindness Workshop

Kindness workshop for ESL participants at International House in Vancouver.
Kindness art work being displayed at the school to inspire other students.

The Kindness Workshop combines English grammar with creating art, kindness and environmentalism. Participants will explore verbs in the present continuous form “ing”. The collected words will be used to explain the created collages and drawings from the students. More details in the lesson plan.

Workshops are usually 60 to 90 min in length,


  • Deeper understanding of the present continuous verb tense
  • Social engagement
  • Personal art work
  • Soft skills
  • Understanding personal benefits of being kind
  • Public Kindness art work for the school to display
  • Learning what kindness means in other cultures
  • Personal self care


  • $120 (Sliding scale available)

Stick Figures

My drawing workshop is for all ages who are interested in learning how to create fun characters, caricatures and comics. In this workshop we focus on simple stick figures. Approx 60 min.


  • Participants learn how to do their personal stick figure super hero
  • Learn a few basics about character design and expression
  • Learn how to express emotions through drawing
  • Will be able to express through stick figures
  • For older participants, childhood memories may come up


  • $110 (Sliding scale available)

Pop up, flip notes workshop

View short Youtube tutorial
View short youtube tutorial

Please watch the Youtube instructions video for the pop up and flip note video tutorial. This is a simple and easy workshop that can be used for any upcoming birthday, Christmas , Mothers and Fathers day. In this workshop we will utilize pen, sizer and scrap paper. Approx time 60 min


  • Greeting card for any upcoming event
  • Pop up card for any upcoming event
  • Fine motor skills
  • Creative expression for friends and family


  • $110 (Sliding scale available)

My string workshop for beginners

My Youtube channel is full of ukulele songs please listen to a few examples:

Regardless which string instrument you have, Guitar, Ukulele or Dulcimer, my approach is the same - Improvised without music theory.

This workshop is for all ages and best suited for people who want to learn more about my approach. Interested in this workshop, click here! Approx time 60 min


  • Learn how to play the string instrument of your choice
  • Improvise and explore through play
  • Find your voice through any string instrument
  • Find a new passion and way to express your self
  • A great for self care
  • Creating music will boost your immune system


  • $100 (Sliding scale available)