Medicine Art Gallery

Medicine Art is the concept that all forms of art and expression are acknowledged forms of therapy and medicine. Medicine Art helps people navigate through: life transitions, questions of meaning and identity, grief and loss. Medicine Art uses Expressive Art Therapy (EAT), Counselling and Compassionate Inquiry (Ci) to guide, inspire, heal and acknowledge emotional pain.

This site is all about MEDICINE ART created in my Expressive Art Therapy sessions and a some of my personal art work which I use for counselling. When people come to me for therapy they might feel stuck and need inspiration or help. When I ask, "what is your medicine?" I am simply asking about your self care, self expression or anything that nourishes you, not about your medication.

Medicine Tools

I use the term Medicine not just for healing herbs but also for my instruments and performance because it inspires people to get out of their comforzone or even learn an instruments.

  1. String Instruments help me to put people in their senses by listening to me playing or teaching them how to play.

  2. Percussive Instruments open people up to their own rythm and it might spark interest in other instruments.

  3. Synth and Looper can be used for performers who already have a voice or want to find their voice.

  4. Performance - Mushroom Man Costume encourage people to get out of their comfort zone to overcome shyness, overthinking.

  5. Oils, Herbs, Candles & Incense are used to put people in their senses to start a session.

  6. Air Hardend Clay is used for people to create sculptures to take home, to have a connection to the previous session.

  7. Wire is used in combination with Clay for people to take home, to have a connection to previous session.

  8. Ritual & Affirmations is used to put people in their senses and to start setting intentions or affirmations.

  9. Flying a kite will put you in touch with the wind and yourself which acts as an extension to the kite which is in the air.

  10. Paint is often used to express emotions in it's colors, it can give a forgotten feeling a color which then can get words.

  11. Frisbee is used to play and put people in touch with the wind to feel their body.

  12. Crafting is used in combination with clay, collage, to simply play and create.

5. Oils, herbs, mushrooms candles, & incense

6. Air Hardening Clay

7. Wire

8. Ritual & Affirmations

9. Flying a Kite

10. Paint

11. Frisbee

12, Crafting

Pdf section

Medicine Art from clients

The following pictures showcase how an Expressive Art Therapy session looks and the creations from participants. Thank you for you consent to use them for this site.

For people who want to believe in themselves, I ask them to write everything they like about themselves and other people value about them in a thought bubble.

Feeling save and held, being able to explore the darkest places through painting and collage. We where able to express what was difficult though councelling, being able to express painful memories of the past for the first time was a breakthrough.

This peace of art was created by someone who felt angry about comments from her family and friend. First we captured the words which made her upset and discussed what they triggered in her. Then on top of those words we wrote with fingers what's required to not feel like that anymore.

We have feelings before we have words. Often we feel there is a burden we can't find words for, but we can use the arts! In this case we used visual art to express, anger, fear, disorientation. After all that was expressed we wrote down the words which came up after releasing all the stress. A wire was used as an warm up to get started with paint.

Before a Medicine Music event people where asked to write what they would need for this year on small yellow notes.

Medicine Music event from Empower Health 25th Nov. 2018

After the Medicine Music event participants were asked to do write or draw their experience on paper.

Medicine Music event from Empower Health 25th Nov. 2018

Wild flowers Expressive Art Therapy event addressing grief and loss.

Wild flowers Expressive Art Therapy event addressing grief and loss.

Medicine Art by Iveno


My Medicine Art presentation, explaining how it all started and how I combine Expressive Art Therapy, counselling and Ci.

My Medicine Art easily displays positive, awkward and painful subjects without the need for words which can be challenging. A picture says a thousand words which my clients no longer need to say because the image does that for them. This makes my Medicine Art so special because clients acknowledge their personal or spiritual challenges even after the session as you can take it with you.

Talk therapy and counselling can be challenging and exhausting, I use my Medicine Art to create a different counselling experience. When I sell my art on the street people often recognize and need within themselves to seek my services. Some images can also work as suicidal intervention cards, addressing feelings which often occur when someone is in that state of mind, helpless or not feeling heard.

Counselling Cards

NOTE: I use emoticons, see below to display negative believes, pain and trauma.

Teacher plants have their say, and they say it really strong and loud.

Haunted by his negative past, trying to run it out.

To remember which land we are on, Native Land.

Everybody need a break once in a while.



Expression - breakdown


Respect is the best soil for all relationships

The power of forgiving yourself and others!

Burned out by not taking care of your personal needs

Haunted by the negative past, trying to run it out.

Everybody need a break once in a while.

Exploitation is happening through consumers and their choices

Issues related to phone addiction

Educational LGBQT Medicine Art

Kindness Cards

Environemtal Cards/ Videos


The solution

Every Day Earth Day

After School Program

After School Program

After School Program

Cleaning up my Neighbourhood

Medicine Art advertisement posters

The Christmas season is the time where the suicidal rate is the highest. This poster is supposed to be a suicidal prevention tool.

This one simply targets people who might never shared their feelings with anybody. When ever I experienced people like that this is how it appears to me in my mind. All the emoticons are events from the past which where held in and never shared.