From Concept Art to Art Therapy

Preparing my portfolio to get into animation school
Selling my art on the street in a mushroom costume
Introducing string instruments in a Montessori School

Glider Kite are great after life transitions

If you are going through a challenging time your children will too, if I work with children and youth I use the arts rather than just my typical counsellor questionair.

I am diving into music and art exploration giving them tools to express themselfs and see there what blockadges show up in the creative process.

I am a creative mind, problem solver, artist and teacher in art and music. My freelance career in visual art and music creating animations, sound effects, illustration, logos, makes me different to work with.

Transforming Emotional Pain Into Art

Being an artist all my life exploring painting, drawing, sculpting, puppet making, video and photo editing gave me the advantage to inspire and teach people in how to transform emotional pain into Medicine Art.

I will also challenge your beliefe that; you're not good at this or that.

My visual art -Medicine Art is a very important aspect in my work with my younger clients because their ability to communicate feelings in words might be more challenging for them depending in their age.

What can I learn from your sessions?

Resource Based Therapies are future oriented and the focus is on positive and active goals not on the problem, its explanation or definition. These therapies are based on the assumption that you have all the strengths you need to achieve the outcomes you want, but haven’t recognized them or used them to their fullest.

That said you might discover that you really like to draw, paint, build puppets, play this or that instrument. I am sure we will find something which will spark your interest.


  • Being exposed to art and music

  • Learning about new instruments

  • Learning about string, percussion, bells, wind, voice and electronic


  • Learning how to express emotions through art and music

  • Recreational Therapy outdoods using kites and frisbees

  • Finding an instrument you're passionate about

  • Self expression

Something on your heart give it to the art!

Showreel with all of my environmental animations
Animated in Nintendo Ds Flip Note Studio

How did the art became my medicine.

In my twenties the arts helped me to transform my anger into the arts, which came from seeing pollution, exploitation and extinction. Being social and active was another outlet which helped me to overcome grief and loss. Music gave me an opportunity to give my anger and depression a voice which was so needed.

Craft the Change you want to See...

Being proactive in my life seeing that everybody struggles in life gave me an idea to create a program called Craft The Change You Want To See in The World. This program is focused on transforming emotional pain into a creative statement.

I mention this because I might quote this to give you an approach which I used for my challenges in life. Art making as problem solving and creative expression to foster good mental health preventing depression and other physical disease no one wants .

Educational video from my environmental program
Animated in Nintendo Ds Flip Note Studio

My medicine is visual art, music, playing Frisbee, flying my kite, being outside. What is your medicine?

You'll hear me sometimes talk about medicine but addressing artistic and physical expression or activities. This video helped me and others to be proactive towards environmental and social issues, please watch....

What would you like to do?

I really like make many little pictures and create short little animations and bring those images to life. As seen in my Loop by iveno video, I encourage you to draw me your resources and experience.

Expressing something which bothers your can be very liberating, that was my experience when I animated the short movie Global Warming.