Art & Music Workshops

Being a teacher in art and music, offering workshops, and tutoring was the main reason why I chose Expressive Art Therapy and Counselling. Art making is therapeutic and has an aspect of self development, personal growth, and gives opportunities for inspiration and self expression.

There is Nothing Wrong

Selling my art on the street in a Mushroom Costume, daring my critical self to say it's not possible.
Feeling not good enough? Medicine Art by iveno.
Smartphone Zombie = SMOMBIE, Medicine Art by iveno

When you are too critical with your self in any art subject you may lose interest and passion for it. Competitive schooling often kills the interest to explore, play, and express through the arts.

I will spark your fire again and help you to find your Medicine Art through eliciting your bodily senses by approaching any art through an intuitive experience of what feels right to you.

Ask an adult or a children if they draw, paint, play music, sing etc. you often get: "YES but I am not so good at it!" It is part of my motivation as a teacher and therapist to reintroduce art making and play into your life.

I dare you to have fun painting, scribbling or singing without the pressure to perfect your pursuit. Taking art lessons from me isn't just about the subject being taught but also learning about yourself and what beliefs you hold about the world around you.

Let's put down our phones and grab the pencil, paint brush, mic, instrument, and clay to find your Medicine Art. Express yourself in any given way you want to express yourself in this life. Imagine you're a child again, imagine everything is possible.